Narkive collects, archives and processes public data to provide easily accessible knowledge to it's users in the form of threads. The organization of this content is a completely automatic process with no human intervention. This model allows us to archive and provide the world with, at the time this webpage was generated, 980,665,223 messages in 302,758,390 threads.


This process can be abused, either by humans or bots written specifically to target those networks. If you find content on Narkive that you find discriminatory against you, please send us an email and we will evaluate it to be removed. The email address isn't posted here because of the amount of spam it receives, but you can easily find it by running a whois lookup on this domain, or by joining my first name (see the about page on the sidebar left of this text) with

Generic offensive content that is of no use but to discredit people will be removed immediately. However, in cases where we deem the content to provide valuable information to our users, such as customers feedbacks or scam alerts, we could decide not to. In that case, you could be required to provide us with a court order or equivalent for your jurisdiction.

Privacy Policy

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Narkive has access to the email addresses in the headers of the messages it archives, and will treat those with the same regard. However, users can access those email addresses individually after having proved not to be robots. The process is designed not to be abused, and to be used only to contact the message authors.