Narkive collects, archives and processes public data to provide easily accessible knowledge to it's users in the form of threads. The organization of this content is a completely automatic process with no human intervention. This model allows us to archive and provide the world with, at the time this webpage was generated, 1,000,892,802 messages in 314,207,320 threads.


Narkive was started in late 2009 by then 17-year-old me (Davide Cavion) and has since then always been a one man operation.


The server infrastructure behind Narkive is redundant and distributed, to provide the users with the fastest access times and best service availability. This infrastructure is able to sustain non cached peak request rates of 500 pages per second at an average generation time of around 100ms per page. Even if never at full capacity, this allows to keep the costs down by owning the servers and not having to relay on expensive cloud computing. Stack Overflow operates under similar concepts, just on a much larger scale.

Content Sources

The two main content sources for our messages are usenet newsgroups and mailing lists, with the first one being the most popular. Mailing lists, or discussion lists, were recently introduced and are still being worked on. If you would like to have your newsgroup or mailing list archived here, or you have your own archive you would like to import, I would be happy to help you. A NNTP read only peering server is also in the work.